Thanks for visiting Sunset Sunless Tanning! My name is Celes Saunders; I’ve created this site because of my interest in skin care and avoiding the potential negative effects of spending too much time in the sun. Sunless tanning products have come a long way since their introduction on the market. Now you can achieve a natural-looking tan without actually spending time in the sun or at a tanning salon.

While a little time in sun can be healthy for the mind and body (for production of vitamin D) we all know the potential dangers of spending too much time in the sun without adequate sunscreen. It can cause everything from premature aging to increasing the risk of developing a serious skin condition including skin cancer. Too many people discover this once the damage is done.

With this site I will encourage healthier living through sunless tanning. You no longer need to spend hours in the sun to obtain a nice rosy glow and with this site I hope to show you how & why. Thank you for visiting!