Airbrush Tanning Systems

Although many people want to have a continual suntan, maintaining such a tan is usually pretty challenging for most people. Depending upon a person’s skin type, he or she might have a hard time achieving or maintaining the desired color.

Instead of spending several weeks or months cultivating your suntan while simultaneously cultivating cancer, airbrush tanning systems allow you to acquire the robust glow of a nice tan even if a person’s skin is especially sensitive to sunshine.

How Airbrush Tanning Works

Sunless tanning products function because DHA interacts with proteins and amino acids on your skin surface to bring about a golden brown coloration. This is defined as the Maillard Reaction.

The color this chemical reaction brings about on individuals will differ depending upon a number of diverse elements like the pH of the skin and the preponderance of specific amino acids which bring forth different coloring melanoidins. This is essentially why a spray tan is so effective in airbrush tanning systems.

The Precision Of Airbrush Tanning Systems

The airbrush in a spray tanning system is a precise instrument which provides a graceful, flawless covering of bronze over most parts of the body. Particular concern can be taken to avert over application upon trouble regions like knees, elbows, hair, feet, hands and other skin problems which might soak up more color.

This is generally a superior approach to wide spray tanning systems which utilize mist-on booths. Those often require a series of body adjustments inside the booth to address each area. The machine or the guest has no command over the product and where it finishes up. A shower cap must be donned to protect the hair from discoloration. A natural appearance may require the suntan to inch up to the hairline. This can not be accomplished in a booth without exposing it to the mist. And then covering up the hairline entirely results in undesirable suntan lines on the neck and forehead.

Finding A Good Airbrush Tan

Naturally you can also find airbrush tanning systems at beauty salons if doing sunless spray tanning yourself at home doesn’t appeal to you.

With a professional system, a high volume of air is utilized to atomize the spray at a very low pressure, commonly well below 10 pounds per square inch, resulting in little over-spray and bounce-back. Superior atomization and a wide spray pattern minimizes application time without sacrificing quality.

1st generation HVLP bronzing systems used to be rather loud, unfortunately. They also were overpowered for the desired application, employing too many turbine stages or utilizing too big a needle or nozzle. However, modern systems like the AccuSpray HVLP turbine is quiet and employs needles or nozzles more advantageous than spray tanning.

The Fantasy Tan

The Fantasy Tan system is also one proffered by many salons which provides ten distinct levels of bronzing for every skin tone. A different brand you might discover in salons is the Oasis Airbrush Tanning system. This brand also bestows a lavish golden appearance without the peril affiliated with the sun or tanning beds. There are quite a few airbrush and spray suntan brands as this has become a fashionable means to safely develop a beautiful suntan.

Whether you do it in your home or in a beauty salon you’re certain to love the safe suntan you can acquire with quality airbrush tanning systems.