Avoid Melanoma Symptoms With A Sunless Spray Tan!

I’m back to update Sunset Sunless Tanning once more! I hope you are using sunscreen and behaving with deep respect for what that hot summer sun can do to your skin and your health. Let it cheer your mood and give you some vitamin D, but do NOT let it give you cancer or unsightly wrinkles!

I’ve now written and published two new articles for this sunny site, how to maximize your sunless spray tan and how to identify those deadly Melanoma Symptoms.

For many of you who still consider a sunless spray tan to be a lame, cheap thing to do… GET OVER IT. Seriously. People who opt to enhance their complexion through healthful, natural means should be applauded, not ridiculed. Would you rather they cultivate a deadly cancer and develop Melanoma Symptoms? I think not. The other side effect of spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen is wrinkles. Studies show that spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen will cause wrinkles. No skin cream can reduce or eliminate these wrinkles once they develop.

People love to obtain a warm glow for their complexion and luckily now they can obtain this with quality, accurate airbrush tanning systems or a simple spray tan created in the comfort of your home. And as long as the skin is prepared properly and people don’t overdo it, these sunless tans look perfectly natural — they no longer have to feature that obvious orange hue people ridiculed 20 years ago.

So chill out and let people enjoy sunless tanning without the need to feel inhibited about the source of their beautiful glow!