Vitiligo Makeup

But before you start covering up your vitiligo with makeup, make sure you actually have vitiligo. I know this sounds odd and some may think I sound patronizing, but I’ve lurked in many online forums and on many blogs where people describe symptoms which sound more like a skin fungus than vitiligo but they’ve already diagnosed themselves.

So see a dermatologist and make certain your skin de-pigmentation is a result of vitiligo and not something else. You don’t want to make the mistake of piling makeup on to a fungal infection which might need to breathe as much as possible to be properly treated. […]

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Vitiligo Cure

While those desperately seeking an all-encompassing cure for vitiligo will most likely find themselves disappointed, I do have some different therapies to suggest. However, in this article I will go into greater detail on the vitiligo cures I’ve found to be most effective.

And because people looking for a cures for vitiligo tend to be a little more desperate I will also describe some more aggressive — though not always recommended — therapies which some people have tried.

I’ll start with the least invasive and move towards the most aggressive possible vitiligo cures. […]

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Skin Cancer A Predecessor to Other Cancers?

In a recent cancer study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center with the Medical University of South Carolina, researchers monitored non-melanoma skin cancer survivors for more than sixteen years while also monitoring a large number of individuals in the same demographic but who hadn’t suffered skin cancer of any form.

What they discovered was that the individuals who had suffered skin cancer exhibited […]

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Avoid Melanoma Symptoms With A Sunless Spray Tan!

People love to obtain a warm glow for their complexion and now they can obtain this with quality, accurate airbrush tanning systems or a simple sunless spray tan created in the comfort of your home. And as long as the skin is prepared properly and people don’t overdo it, these sunless tans look perfectly natural — they no longer have to feature that obvious orange hue people ridiculed 20 years ago. For many of you who still consider a sunless spray tan to be a lame, cheap thing to do […]

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