Skin Cancer A Predecessor to Other Cancers?

While I’ve recently implemented a number of updates and improvements to my site, Sunset Sunless Tanning, and I hope some of you will check them out, I’m mostly here to tell you about this disturbing new skin cancer.

In a recent cancer study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center with the Medical University of South Carolina, researchers monitored non-melanoma skin cancer survivors for more than sixteen years while also monitoring a large number of individuals in the same demographic but who hadn’t suffered skin cancer of any form.

What they discovered was that the individuals who had suffered skin cancer exhibited an increased risk of developing other cancers later in life. While the most common cancer developed by these individuals was melanoma, researchers also learned these people experienced an increased risk for lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancers.

This seems reason enough to contemplate making sun protection and a DHA-based sunless tan part of sensitive skin care routine.

So are you still interested in residential or commercial tanning beds?

Isn’t time you considered an alternative solution for that nice, warm glow?