Airbrush Tanning Systems

Although many individuals want to have a continual suntan, maintaining such a tan is usually pretty challenging for most people. Depending upon a person’s skin type, he or she might not achieve or maintain the desired color. Instead of spending several weeks or months cultivating your suntan while simultaneously cultivating cancer, airbrush tanning systems allow you to acquire the robust glow of a nice tan even if a person’s skin is especially sensitive to sunshine.

Sunless tanning products function because DHA interacts with proteins and amino acids on your skin surface to bring about a golden brown coloration. This is

Instead of spending several weeks or months cultivating your suntan while simultaneously cultivating cancer, Continue reading

White Spots From Tanning

White spots from tanning can occur for a number of reasons. The four primary reasons which I’ll discuss here are pressure points from the positions in which you tan, side-effects of medications, skin fungal infections, and genetics-related or overexposure-related skin pigmentation conditions.

One of the most common and thankfully least dangerous causes of white spots from tanning are pressure points. People relate tanning to relaxing and thus remaining still. So inevitably, their bodies will rest on pressure points where their circulation will be reduced. Locations such your hip bones and shoulder blades tend to develop these sorts of white spots from tanning most often. I suggest rotating and moving more during your tanning. Of course, this is precisely the kind of problem you wouldn’t have if you chose to sunless spray tan rather than baking yourself in the sun or a tanning bed. Continue reading

Sunless Tanning

Thanks to all of the advances in skin care there are now a number of healthy ways to get a tan without the risks associated with exposure to harmful UV rays. Sunless tanning products, including sunless spray tans and tanning lotions, have improved a great deal since they were first introduced. Now you don’t have to settle for that orange tone if you want to keep your skin healthy by using sunless tanning.

Some of the current sunless tanning products are even good for your skin because they use antioxidants in their formulas. Not to mention using sunless tanning lotions instead of tanning in the sun or in tanning beds will reduce your risk of developing premature wrinkles and more importantly.

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Sunset Sunless Tanning Blog Begins!

Welcome to the debut post of my new skin care website & blog, Sunset Sunless Tanning! Sunset Sunless Tanning is here to teach you how to gain a warm glow without gambling your health away. I’ll discuss the dangers of … Continue reading