Vitiligo Makeup

This article will address vitiligo makeup and suggest a brand which I believe to be the best available as an effective cover.

But before you start covering up your vitiligo with vitiligo makeup, make sure you actually have vitiligo. I know this sounds odd and some may think I sound patronizing, but I’ve noticed in many online forums and on many blogs where people describe symptoms which sound more like a skin fungus, like tinea versicolor, than vitiligo but they’ve already self-diagnosed themselves.

Consult a dermatologist and make certain your skin de-pigmentation is a result of vitiligo and not something else. You don’t want to make the mistake of piling vitiligo makeup on to a fungal infection which might need to breathe as much as possible to be properly treated.

Nutrition Before Makeup

Another important note is that you should always try to minimize your symptoms through safe, basic nutritional actions even as you attempt to conceal it with makeup. As I suggest in my list of vitiligo treatments, there is significant evidence suggesting that patients show a positive response to consuming some kind of vitamin B complex each day.

Additionally, some believe the normal manufacturer-suggested dose of Vitamin E, Folic Acid and Ascorbic Acid each day can make a positive difference in at least slowing the development of vitiligo. These are all safe and common supplements so I suggest you address your vitiligo internally while you search for the perfect makeup to apply externally.

So now you’re thinking, “Enough already, let’s get to the the subject of this article: vitiligo makeup!” Right. So here we go.

The Best Vitiligo Makeup?

My favorite makeup for vitiligo — and I’m not alone among attentive, analytic skin care enthusiasts — is Kamaflage by Sacha Cosmetics (yes kamaflage is spelled correctly, it’s their clever brand name).

There are two main reasons this makeup works so well for so many people. One, it features a much higher pigment content than most vitiligo makeups and two it uses a yellow base.

Most foundations that people use to cover vitiligo utilizes a very low pigment content. This is because most foundation makeup is designed to let a little light and color shine through from your natural skin. Unfortunately, this is not what you want when you’re trying to completely eliminate the appearance of your vitiligo. You specifically want makeup to cover vitiligo.

Kamaflage is designed to completely cover the underlying skin tone with a much higher concentration of pigment and thus makes it a perfect vitiligo makeup.

Additionally, most vitiligo cover you buy off the shelf is red-based while most human skin (no matter the race or color) is actually yellow-based. The yellow-based pigment helps this particular vitiligo cover blend more naturally with the rest of your skin.

Just remember that the more natural tone and the more dense pigmentation makes it so you will need less of Sacha Comsetic’s Kamaflage foundation than a competing foundation. If you try using the same amount of Kamaflage as another major brand foundation, you’ll just make yourself look rather artificial. And that isn’t what we’re aiming for at all, is it? While we seek our vitiligo cure, we want to feel confident going out in public; we don’t want to feel like like plastic dolls.

I urge you to try this brand as I thoroughly tested several different competing brands and this one was head and shoulders above the competition as the best makeup for vitiligo. And no, they’re not paying me to say that. It just really made a difference for me and I was really impressed with how much better this particular brand has worked compared to others.

There are companies developing a permanent makeup for vitiligo, but this disease remains mysterious so we’ll just have to see how that proceeds.

I hope this helps and thank you for visiting Sunset Sunless Tanning.