White Spots From Tanning

White spots from tanning can occur for a number of reasons. The four primary reasons which I’ll discuss here are pressure points from the positions in which you tan, side-effects of medications, skin fungal infections, and genetics-related or overexposure-related skin pigmentation conditions.

One of the most common and thankfully least dangerous causes of white spots from tanning are pressure points. People relate tanning to relaxing and thus remaining still. So inevitably, their bodies will rest on pressure points where their circulation will be reduced. Locations such your hip bones and shoulder blades tend to develop these sorts of white spots from tanning most often. I suggest rotating and moving more during your tanning. Of course, this is precisely the kind of problem you wouldn’t have if you chose to sunless spray tan rather than baking yourself in the sun or a tanning bed. Continue reading

Vitiligo Makeup

But before you start covering up your vitiligo with makeup, make sure you actually have vitiligo. I know this sounds odd and some may think I sound patronizing, but I’ve lurked in many online forums and on many blogs where people describe symptoms which sound more like a skin fungus than vitiligo but they’ve already diagnosed themselves.

So see a dermatologist and make certain your skin de-pigmentation is a result of vitiligo and not something else. You don’t want to make the mistake of piling makeup on to a fungal infection which might need to breathe as much as possible to be properly treated. Continue reading

Vitiligo Cure

While those desperately seeking an all-encompassing cure for vitiligo will most likely find themselves disappointed, I do have some different therapies to suggest. However, in this article I will go into greater detail on the vitiligo cures I’ve found to be most effective.

And because people looking for a cures for vitiligo tend to be a little more desperate I will also describe some more aggressive — though not always recommended — therapies which some people have tried.

I’ll start with the least invasive and move towards the most aggressive possible vitiligo cures. Continue reading