Airbrush Tanning Systems

Although many individuals want to have a continual suntan, maintaining such a tan is usually pretty challenging for most people. Depending upon a person’s skin type, he or she might not achieve or maintain the desired color. Instead of spending several weeks or months cultivating your suntan while simultaneously cultivating cancer, airbrush tanning systems allow you to acquire the robust glow of a nice tan even if a person’s skin is especially sensitive to sunshine.

Sunless tanning products function because DHA interacts with proteins and amino acids on your skin surface to bring about a golden brown coloration. This is

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Sunless Spray Tan

A safe and effective alternative to tanning beds and sun exposure is with the use of a sunless tanning product. Here at Sunset Sunless Tanning, this is one of our favorite methods to achieve a natural warm glow. We are long past the days of fake-looking orange tans. The industry has refined the formula to a degree where proper application leads to natural-looking tans on a consistent basis.

Tans acheived without the use of the sun won’t cause the sagging skin and premature wrinkles you’ll suffer if you tan with beds or with the blazing rays of the sun. And most importantly, a spray tan won’t increase your risk for deadly skin cancer. Continue reading

Sunless Tanning

Thanks to all of the advances in skin care there are now a number of healthy ways to get a tan without the risks associated with exposure to harmful UV rays. Sunless tanning products, including sunless spray tans and tanning lotions, have improved a great deal since they were first introduced. Now you don’t have to settle for that orange tone if you want to keep your skin healthy by using sunless tanning.

Some of the current sunless tanning products are even good for your skin because they use antioxidants in their formulas. Not to mention using sunless tanning lotions instead of tanning in the sun or in tanning beds will reduce your risk of developing premature wrinkles and more importantly.

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Skin Cancer A Predecessor to Other Cancers?

In a recent cancer study conducted by Johns Hopkins University and Medical Center with the Medical University of South Carolina, researchers monitored non-melanoma skin cancer survivors for more than sixteen years while also monitoring a large number of individuals in the same demographic but who hadn’t suffered skin cancer of any form.

What they discovered was that the individuals who had suffered skin cancer exhibited Continue reading

Avoid Melanoma Symptoms With A Sunless Spray Tan!

People love to obtain a warm glow for their complexion and now they can obtain this with quality, accurate airbrush tanning systems or a simple sunless spray tan created in the comfort of your home. And as long as the skin is prepared properly and people don’t overdo it, these sunless tans look perfectly natural — they no longer have to feature that obvious orange hue people ridiculed 20 years ago. For many of you who still consider a sunless spray tan to be a lame, cheap thing to do Continue reading

White Spots From Tanning and Future Updates

In recent conversations with my girlfriends, the topic of white spots from tanning keeps arising. I don’t know if it’s because our age is finally revealing the damage we did to our skin in our reckless youth or if there is just a greater natural awareness for such conditions these days. But either way, the topic seems to be somewhat hot among people who enjoy tanning. Continue reading

Sunset Sunless Tanning Blog Begins!

Welcome to the debut post of my new skin care website & blog, Sunset Sunless Tanning! Sunset Sunless Tanning is here to teach you how to gain a warm glow without gambling your health away. I’ll discuss the dangers of … Continue reading